What did everyone think of the Danzo vs Sasuke fight?

Sure Killer Bee and Sasuke fight was epic and made me think wow look how far Sasuke has come but this.. this is a whole new level.

Producers of Naruto have done a great job in relation to the last Sasuke vs Naruto fight which was very poorly constructed visually wise.
You know, i think that sasuke doesnt have much more then his sharingan. yeah, sure it is owerpowerd, but i think he could have used more "skilled" jutsus.
as Naruto, who actually erases prettymuch everything that stands in his way.

I love sasukes Coldness and his way of fighting though, but he isnt anything else then technically good with a few awesome "secret" jutsus.
In my opinion this is what everyone says but before he even got his Sharingan, his reflexes and intelligence with his jutsus was incredible.

As sseen in his latest fight he shows that he is more intelligent then that of Danzo and his reflexes are outstanded. Madara said it himself that his genjutsu surpassed that of Itchi's.
1. The Naruto vs. Sasuke fight from the original Naruto was epic, I really liked how they used the old style of drawing(From the very beginning, around the Forest of Death time).
2. For readers of the manga, this is nothing fact, this is from months ago.
3. Sasuke is nothing but Sharinganftw. He just stands there most of the time and lets his damn Susano'o do all of the work.

There's my 3 cents.
He has to "control" the Susanoo so of course he has to sit there.
Did he use a genjutsu and make Danzo think he had more Sharingan than he had? I'm watching it without subtitles but I can make out some of the words, and it seems like Danzo was surprised when he didn't survive Sasuke's attack and then they showed his arm with no eyes left.
yupp, sasuke made him see there was yet another eye left.

And that was exactly what u sayd sasuke35910, just in a simpier way ;)
Sasuke36910 wrote:
Madara said it himself that his genjutsu surpassed that of Itchi's.


The manga was a bit more epic than the boring episode.