O.k. so as many of you know, I am having life issues to pulling back a bit. Right now, I am trying to figure out a multi-page book like system for RP Unlimited. My problem is and more why I am looking for help in this is I am about to sound as noob as I know I am. I can't figure out the blunt code for making a hyper link bring up a secondary variable through Byond code.

Mostly it is this, I know with the help I got from another coder we got this to work, but I can't remember how. Being the original code is really complex is in and I doubt it is that hard now.

Now before everyone tells me it is super hard. Let me clearify what I am doing. Being the browser command I have it link with an HTML var. This mostly is attached to a command so like if you click world setting you can see the setting in HTML. The problem I am having is linking. Being I would like at the bottom of every page or better yet use a Skin with buttons to turn the page or a third button to return to the root. This would more just switch the variable on a numeric scale. The deal is I got the whole thing to work... except, I can't get the hyper linking to work inside byond.

So in short I will be stumped on this command for a bit, but not wanting to let 1.4 out until I have it like a few others. In other terms, I might be starting a new project after this release of RP Unlimited. Being there is not much more I can do with the text based program and well I would like something a little less general.

Well thanks for the support and sorry for the mini rant.