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Poll: Should I use the 483 Beta to host?

Yes 67% (27)
No 32% (13)

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I intend to host Wargames today, the new beta that came out should improve the speed of transactions between the host and clients as Wargames uses some icon manipulation.

The only downside to this is that you'll need the same version as a client in order to log in, and in the past I tend to steer clear of using betas even if it would hold benefits.

So I put it to you, host in 483 or not.

There are some new medals available in the version I intend to upload tonight before I host, and perhaps some other minor changes.
I voted no, I would wait until it public. I have tried to use betas to host and get alot of people paging me wondering why there using the most up to date version but still can;t join cause there's is out of date.
Yeah, I'm pretty anti too, in fact it was someone paging me about it for another game that brought it to my attention.

I prefer availability of players to connect, so unless I see lots of people saying yes in this poll then I'm sticking where I am for now. There are more intensive games that can test this feature for BYOND staff and give them feedback, and I don't think Wargames takes that much juice in the way of icon manipulation to make an immediate jump to a beta anyway.
Well I'm buggered now, 80% said yes :p
The plan is to make 483 public early next week if there aren't any major problems. So you might just wait until then.
Oh ok, I didn't realise it was going to be that quick. Alright, that's pretty much decided it, I'll stay off it for now and save it for next time.
Trying to upload now but it keeps crashing, when it does work I'm hosting.