Another week long round being hosted now, come join it by going here:

There have been a few changes, mostly to the size of the files and a random bug fix. V2 rockets have had some slight modification, including some notifying messages to let you know its actually blown up something. Additionally, there is 2 new medals based on one's infamy. There hasn't been a stable host in the last week, so you might not have seen the update with some other fixes, changes from about 2 posts down from this one.

* Fix: Attacking would cause the wrong number of civilian deaths, fixed.
* Change: Icons in the buildings menu now reflect the terrain your in.
* Change: Reduced the download size from 1MB to 600KB.
* Change: V2 rockets now only kill half the number of people.
* New: V2 rockets now deliver report and world say messages to let you know you've been hit.
* New Medals:
- Angel of the North: Reach -100 infamy.
- Southern Devil: Reach 100 infamy.