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Now, I read the GSD starter post the day it was posted and I was going to make a post about all the things I wanted to get done this month. But alas, that... didn't happen. So, here is a list of the things this month that I wished to accomplish at the beginning of the month, things that were added along the way, and things I actually did.


HDK Pixel HUD - update, docs, demo, publish

HDK Draggable HUD - update, docs, demo, publish

HDK Icon Augments -

Tech Demos
-Displaying mouse data to multiple players
-One screen, modified and displayed to multiple players
-Draggable objects interacting with multiple players
-Multiplayer jigsaw puzzles

----Added During the Month----

Tech Demo -Selection boxes, single and multiplayer

LetterBox - polish, package, publish, and patch

HDK Mouse And Keys - patch up


HDK Pixel HUD - Updated, created a hub, unpublished though.

HDK Draggable HUD - Updated, created a hub, yet to be published.

HDK Icon Augments - Created a hub, still unpublished.

Tech Demos - All of the originally planned demos were completed and tested, save for puzzles, and were even made into a game of their own; LetterBox.

LetterBox - Published and listed and continues to receive updates.

----Still In Progress---

HDK Mouse And Keys - Critical update, working on that now.

LetterBox - Updates continue.
-Layering system for letters.
-Adding popular punctuation to the mix.
-Add and remove sets of letters, based on popular letter distribution methods.
-Add and remove specific letters and punctuation of specified quantity and color.
-Macros for screen shots.
-Saving current layout, letters placement and colors.

And or course there are things in real life that I wished to accomplish this month, like selling my house, finding work (though I've been avoiding this one due to bad experiences in the area), et cetera. I may have a buyer for the house but he's having issues finding a bank that will help.