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Version 1.45 Update
Earlier this week NEStalgia was updated to version 1.45 (notes). Along with the update we experimented with upgrading to the latest BYOND beta, which addressed one of the game's biggest concerns by mitigating much of the slow down caused by icon processing. In short, that means faster servers and no more need for separate character creation servers!

Zenithia and Cornelia have been downgraded back to BYOND 482 for the time being so that first time players don't get confused about having to install a beta release. Word on the street is that the official release will be out sometime next week though ;)

The Podcast Returns!
We recorded this episode almost a month ago, but I've been too busy to edit and post it. This is a great episode - Jared and I sat down with NEStalgia's co-developer Spiff and talked about his involvement in the project, and some ideas for future releases. You can listen to the podcast on YouTube:

Or download/listen to the mp3 version here: NEStalgiaPodcastEp3.mp3

Hopefully I'll find the time to get back to doing regular weekly podcasts now. I've also been sitting on yet another podcast for over a month that we recorded with special guests Louli and Robin of the Balzackian guild. Parts of that discussion are still relevant, so I'll try to work it in to next week's podcast.

Recent Happenings
Progress on the game has been steady. Spiff and I are both hard at work on the big updates that I wrote about recently, and you'll likely be seeing some of the new features and improvements starting to creep into the game in the next couple weeks. As soon as I have more to show on the skill trees I'll be putting up a blog post with lots of details and screenshots on those as well.

We have been receiving some amazing artwork submissions from users on the new Artwork & Music Contributions board. All in all I've approved over 20 new monster sprites so far, many of which you'll start to see popping up in the game in the near future. Keep the submissions coming (and I'll try to keep up with the replies!).

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Since most of these sprites were made by Jumier we should rename this name into NESJumier XD!
Oy! "Zeddicus" or Voloyal has submitted the same amount of sprites! Also Kurz, Magicman, Nazca, SEBlog, and DauntlessDS(whom of which made that lovely Scorcher sprite) have credit in all this too! Give love where love is due!
And Hanta... T-T
I did overworlds for sludge and terwasp