Poll: Whats your favorite Named bran clothes?

Hollister 9% (6)
American Eagle 21% (14)
Aeropostale 15% (10)
True Religions 7% (5)
RocaWear 7% (5)
Coogi 1% (1)
Fubu 0% (0)
Ecko 3% (2)
Enyce 3% (2)
Ecko umlited 6% (4)
Sean John 3% (2)
Forever 21 1% (1)
Polo Raulph Lauren 21% (14)

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i wear american eagle ,hollister,true religions,polo and forever 21
Polo Ralph Lauren, swaaaaaaag. :)
:) nice choice
i like to wear whatever i find in my drawers,
speificaly sweat pants
... I don't see Hot Topic, Spencers, or even the Converse clothing line in Target.. ;-;
Diesel, G-Star, Marc Jacobs, Kidrobot, Guess, J-Lindberg, Energie.
Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, and Jordans.
I shop out of the Goodwill and Wal-Mart.

While all you kids spend $500 on a pair of shoes so you can look important, I'm saving up a fortune.
hell ya thrift stores i wear name brand but only pay 2 or 3 dollars a shirt and 5 or 6 a pair of pants and i buy shoes for 10 12 dollars so suck on it
Ecko (Every Crab Killaz Outfit)
You forgot the Walmart brand. O.O
I don't know most of these brands, so I voted based on my Enie Menie, Myny, Moes. (However you spell it.)

Aeropostale sounds coolish through..