Resource Center V4.0

Total Unique Users: 1742
Total New Users Since Last Update: 53
Total User Visits Since Last Update: 186

Total Bonuses Given: 69925
Total Bonuses Given Since Last Update: 1725

Total Asset Submissions: 172
Total Approved Asset Submissions: 98
Total Asset Submissions Since Last Update: 5

Total User Earnings: $238
Total User Earnings Since Last Update: $1

Total Withdraw Amount: $105
Total Withdraw Amount Since Last Update: $0

Total User Silver: 158900

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First Sergeant: 1 (Highest Ranking Officer)

Total Contributors: 60

New Assets:

Last Week:
- Progress was made on the PM integration but some WinCloning issues have been slowing things down.
- Added additional ranks to report to show all the room for growth and opportunity.

This Week:
- Add the Active Member Payout totals per rank for the weekly report.
- Add at least one more asset
- Continue the PM integration.


Last Week:
- Upgraded the licensing account from standard to pro which enables the creation of server side services.
- WinClickPro will be published by eom for the GSD contest.

This Week:
- Publish the tool and submit for GSD.
- Start work on the server services.

PopLava Challenge #1

Last Week:
- Got the ball rolling on a competition. Currently working out the bugs in the Flash Client interface requirements. The details will be worked out by the time the competition starts. Hopefully we can get a few sponsors helping out as well. If you missed the competition post, look at older blog postings.

This Week:
- Finalize the interface requirements
- Continue clarifying rules as needed