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Eternia is an online, action and strategy based, player-driven role-play world. It immerses the community into a fantasy medieval plot, where writers of varying talent congregate to advance the story and build upon the lore. The world grows with time, shaped by the actions of the players and the events that take place.

Main Features

- The systems in place allow for a live role-playing environment to flourish. All posts made by players are looked over by administrators and awarded points based on quality. Essentially, characters grow through actual development and plot progression--creativity and depth is awarded. Events, crafted by the Game Masters, and tailored for the progression of the current arc are frequent.

- Public quests in the game where players work together to clear dungeons, defeat bosses for worthwhile loot, compete in automatic tournaments against fellow players, and defend helpless villagers against demonic creatures. Eternia offers an MMORPG experience as well as an excellent role-playing hub.

- A massive choice of magical abilities to outfit your character with. Cast illusions to trick the enemy, send them flying with a psionic wave, or even wield the elements to deal devastating damage. There are over 150 abilities in the game, allowing for a variety of diverse skill-sets.

- An engaging, action packed combat system, that relies on the skill of the player, and not just how high their numbers are. Making a major mistake can often mean a loss against a greater opponent. There is also a turn-based system implemented for those that prefer full role-play battles, automated and customizable; you can decide the amount of rounds / posts.


Those that subscribe and support the development of Eternia wil be rewarded with:

- A subscriber sword and 10'000 gold when creating a new character.

- Access to a Mystery Chest, which can be spotted in the various villages. When clicked, a random item is gained, limited to one daily use.

- Access to the subscriber store. Grab yourself unique clothing, weapons, and other items.

- Improved loot ratios during the various public events.

- Ability to found your very own guild.


i didn't write this comment just to be the first
yes u did
Cant wait.
=D =D =D
Can't wait!
It is tiiiiime.

Right now we're just wrapping things up. I can't give a specific time, but a server will be live before the 2nd.
I want to play badly! :D
Mesudai wrote:
August 25th :O

What's on August 25th? about that release?
Lunaofthemoon wrote: about that release?

It will be up in a couple hours.
I give up. I'm going to bed.
Lunaofthemoon wrote:
I give up. I'm going to bed.

Me too, I'll play another time.
I will still wait.
2 .nd - come on go live ..:p and what 's up with the KKK comment that clearly a white dress with a hood. you have issues man
haha game not up yet?
I am guessing the 2nd deadline - just not going to happen?
It seems so, or maybe its going to be released in September instead.
Had some trouble with the last piece of art; the female base. Our artist, Zane, had drawn out the sprite, but due to a BYOND bug with the icon editor, lost all of his work. He has some issues to deal with today, so he won't be able to finish it off.

That's the last hurdle we have to cross, everything else is ready. Sorry about the delay, I didn't expect this to happen. Once we have the female base we will be going live.
The usual excuse to not meet a dedicated release date.
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