Eternia: Roleplay

by Writing A New One
Upcoming Sequel:
I was lucky to play, it was so cool!
Yesss I'm finally going to see it!
*Crosses fingers* C'mon, the server should be up in one hour...please *wishes upon a star*
There isn't really a need to test again this week. SuperAntx has been pretty inactive lately so there has not been any features ticked off since the last public test.
Just played this game today and it's already my favorite game on BYOND ._. Can't wait till the full version, RP server comes out.
If there hasnt been anything fixed and Antx isnt even fixing anything because he is inactive why dont you just leave the server up? i thought the whole reason u brought it down was so that he could fix stuff
The way this game is going it looks like the sept release wont even make it lmfao
The Server needs to be up for at least 7 hours a day. Waiting hours (especially on sunday) just to play for one hour seems pretty dumb.
If you're looking for a shell server, I could cut ya a nice deal. I'll host it for 24 hours every Sunday or whenever ya like. Just give me a page or something if interested. (I'm still lacking clients, so I can give you a very cheap server:D)
Yay! I finally got to try out the game, it's awesome!!
Host plz
Host a game please. This game needs to be up at least 7 hours. Starting at 10 o'clock would be good. Please host the game.
99 fans and a bitch ain--

When will this game be hosted? Oh, yeah, and by the way, Wirting A New One, how come you never host? Are'nt you able to host your own game? If you have to create a new account to host and then get back on your old account to play, just do it. The Highlight Of This Message is, SOMEONE NEEDS TO HOST THE GAME! Writing A New One make the game so that non-members can HOST THIS GAME! This would be so much better if non-members could! More people would be able to host this freaking game and more people would play. Maybe, when you put up the subscribing offer, people would subscribe for liking the game so much. This game is one of the BEST games I've ever played even though you can't earn skill points and you have the same attacks you selected from the beginning. I bet that if anyone could host, yes, there would probably be 6-7+ servers of this game but more people wpuld get to play! Once that happens, anyone could play 24/7 with no problems. Reebots may happen but that is a very small obsticale considering that TONS of people would play this game.

Thank you for your interest and support :). There will be a server up 24/7 once the needed features are programmed, so you'll have to wait until then, I'm afraid.

And it's not a matter of being unable to host. It's a matter of the game not being complete and ready for public release.

This game just powns Cant wait for a puplic release tough i would suggest that you make exorcist and occulhist start on a different map cause we end up killing each other instead of the monster and arent occulist fan of demons why would we kill them xD
so i herd ull be up tomorrow
I'm not too sure.

We've converted the game to use pixel movement for mob movement and projectiles. There's a BYOND bug preventing us from testing it out publicly though, so once that's fixed, then we'll be able to put a server up and see how the game performs.
Well I started work finishing up the game mechanic's yesterday. Game progression is picking up and when we schedule the next public test, we will let you know.
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