I stayed up until midnight last night getting the rest of the waves programmed, and did a bit of tweaking and bug fixing this morning and I think it's ready to be tested.

I don't need a lot of people, 2 or 3 would be fine. I'm looking for any issues that have to deal with balance, difficulty, and possibly lag ( though lag may be due to my unstable connection ).

You're just testing Invasion Mode, which in short is 25 unforgiving waves of monsters ( and a few bosses ) bent on destroying everything in Gnomeheim including you, your fortress and even the items and resources you need to survive.

I'm also looking for suggestions as well. If something is too easy, too hard, too lame, let me know. After testing and bug fixing, I'll start immediately on Build Mode, which is basically a mode where you don't have to worry about monsters ( unless you spawn some ) and you can freely build and roleplay.

Also, I implemented an autohost feature and so after one minute, if the host isn't there to start the game, it automatically begins an Invasion Round. The server will be up for some hours and you won't need me to be in there to start it.

Woops, the waves start instantly because I forgot to change it back. It's fixed now.
I connected but couldn't figure out a single thing to do. Perhaps I was in spectator mode but there was no way to know.
um why isnt their a sever being hosted