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It's Wednesday, and because we've resumed our weekly NEStalgia Podcast, that means it's time for a new episode. This week Jared and I talk about our participation in last Sunday's PvP tournament on Sosaria as well as the upcoming v1.46 patch. You can listen to the podcast on YouTube:

Or download/listen to the mp3 version here: NEStalgiaPodcastEp4.mp3

Now that we have a handful of episodes under our belts I'm going to see about getting this podcast published on iTunes, AudioPress, etc. so that people with smart phones can get it delivered automatically every week. Many people have been asking if we're going to do longer episodes, but right now I think that fifteen minutes is a pretty good length for these things. If and when the situation calls for it we can always do an extended podcast - perhaps closer to the release of the next big content patch.

If you have any ideas or request for topics that we should cover on a future episode, please let us know. Thanks for listening!

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first lol
Kicking Jared's Balzack was a true honor. The tourney was really fun with you! Guys!
silk would you mind adding me on pager since im not a member its to talk about putting a NEStalgia series on youtube (:
Can't imagine people roleplaying with 8 bit NES graphics?

One word; Reiamaps.
Haha you know this site and this game in particular got ALOT of hype from a youtuber who makes minecraft vids.
Coestar done a small co-op playthrough with a friend and posted it on youtube