Ok gunna be quick today as I need to head off to sleep. You can see last weeks round results here:

I'm now running a Cold War gametype round, it basically just means 2 fixed alliances from start that you can't change. Its an old setting that I want to renew with some new features, so playing a round of the old one to check it out.

I'll leave you now with the update list and I'll summarise tomorrow:

* Fix: Fixed a bug where buildings could be built over each other.
* Fix: Using combat sea during attacking would revert it to land, fixed.
* Fix: Attempting to attack twice in one turn would result in whatever your current action was canceling, fixed.
* Fix: Before you couldn't boot people out of alliance without them logged in, now possible.
* Fix: Minor bug fix, when researching Eras the research page wouldn't automatically update.
* Fix: When restarting, you could still sell or get back resources that you were exporting, now deletes, and lets world know.
* Fix: You wern't actually supposed to spam the moon with rockets, there is now a 1 turn wait, as well as using the new conventional weapon counter.
* Fix: The trade ministry would not show the full amount, fixed.
* Fix: Fixed a bug where zooming or hiding the menu would remove all flag options until relogging.
* Fix: Minor bug fix relating to combat while ministries were open, you'll need to make sure these are off, by the way.
* Change: Major Def increases to buildings:
- Government building from 1 to 10
- Castle from 50 to 150
- Minefield from 20 to 50
- Turret from 100 to 300
- Samsite from 150 to 500
- Coil from 300 to 800
* Change: When in zoom, you'll move faster when moving.
* Change: Some more general improvement to graphics, particuarly to those commands which one might not understand straight away, and some building icons.
* Change: Standard research now has a default minimum time of 10 turns, as opposed to just 1.
* Change: Very minor, changed medal ministry for space, more logical grouping.
* Change: Some more generic options for things in space research such as astronaught names.
* Change: Auto-conversion to pay for buildings should now be less spamful.
* Change: The 500,000 limit to export/import resources has been upped to 500,000,000
* Change: Animal into space, Man into space, Man onto Moon research cannot be initiated till Post WW2.
* Change: Some changes to the interface, particularly the alliance window being reintegrated into the main window but remaining separate. This possibly opens up more changes in the future.
* Change: Era costs can now be set Triple or Quadruple for lengthier games.
* Change: Era costs are now correct, instead of just showing the default cost.
* New: UN-PUN'ing has been changed significantly: You now get 100 turns to build up your forces while remaining protected. This eliminates the 2 barracks limit for these turns. You can still get out of PUN straight away by nuking.
- Note this also applies to auto unpun games; you can auto start the 100 turn countdown if you are still above this, as well as it warning you if it counts down this low naturally.
* New: New host feature, you can set he level radiation takes to disappear, x1 is the default, non-subs can set as high as 100.
* New: Being nuked also gives you a longer lasting radiation effect that causes health problems, which can be prevented slightly by more hospitals.
* New: New progression in the space race: Man on the Moon. Uses "propaganda" as its element, rather than shortening, its special building towns lengthens research time.
* New: Before, all spy based weapons used the same counter, now it uses different ones depending on your weapon, there are seperate counters for Conventional, Chemical, Biological and Nuclear.
* New: Reaching Space milestones now has the benefit of reducing other research times.
* New: Very minor, randomised flags at startup to any of the 21 2-colour flags.
* New: Two new flags for users.
* New: New Modern Era Nuke, the Trident II.
* New Medal:
- Radiation Poisoning: Get infected with certain degree of radiation.
- Fly me to the Moon: Waste money and get men on the Moon.

Subscriber Features:

* Change: Suffer messages and Note Conversion messages can now be switched on/off from the Subscribers menu.
* New: The radiation level can be set as high as 1,000 and also to permanent.
* New: Subscribers can alternate which output from world chat, alliance chat and players online appears in the top and which are tabbed below.
I am so excited of all the changes and new things :D