Resource Center V4.0


Total Unique Users: 1758
Total New Users Since Last Update: 85
Total User Visits Since Last Update: 300

Total Bonuses Given: 70800
Total Bonuses Given Since Last Update: 2600

Total Asset Submissions: 174
Total Approved Asset Submissions: 100
Total Asset Submissions Since Last Update: 7

Total User Earnings: $239
Total User Earnings Since Last Update: $2
Total PopLava Earnings Since Last Update: $0

Total Withdraw Amount: $105
Total Withdraw Amount Since Last Update: $0

Total User Silver: 159503

Recruit: 1104 - (Active Payout Earnings: 82)
Private: 132 - (Active Payout Earnings: 79)
First Sergeant: 1 - (Active Payout Earnings: 180)

Total Contributors: 60

New Assets:

Last Week:
- A hand-full of bug fixes and while not much, it was progress.

This Week:
- Plugging away on integration stuff.

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Last Week:
- Submitted to GSD
- Posted a demo in the Resource Center.

This Week:
- Eat the frog.

PopLava Challenge #1

Last Week:
- Working out a few last minute rule clarifications.

This Week:
- You have a few more days to get your clarifications, suggestions, and sponsorships in. The theme will be announced on Monday (hopefully morning). Server and my time are pretty much opposites. When server is 3am, it's 3pm for me.