Dragon Universe

by Lizard_Sphere_X
Dragon Universe
In this anime inspired sandbox game the players create everything (houses, items, technology, and more). This game has a lot of depth and things you can do.
In response to Newton378
Another feature taht would help admin stuff ALOT would be to have all verbs be logged like say, emote, etc. and kill and item pickup and Save them to a file on the server. Then an admin wouldn't have to be on to look back and see the rule breaking and it would allow us to have proof over peoples words of such things. Hope you consider doing something like this or giving us the option of something like that.

Newton378 wrote:
On another note,
I have a suggestion. Make the minimum starting BP verb have an automatic option. Where when a player creates, they can start with (mathaholic shit) something of the current average BP. So that they're not like 5 BP vs 100m BP, maybe like have it customizable, where they can start with a percentage of the current average BP. (Note: to avoid bugs to raise BP, this would have to add up the total BASE BP's of every player on the server, to determine what their starter BP would be. Otherwise people can make recovery whores to raise the average and create alts to soul leech them.)

A suggestion I have is a blacklist for skills, because some skills I don't prefer to have on my server like soul contract, self destruct, planet destroy, dash attack, etc.
In response to Garushii
Garushii wrote:
A suggestion I have is a blacklist for skills, because some skills I don't prefer to have on my server like soul contract, self destruct, planet destroy, dash attack, etc.

My suggestion. Tens already has it in the bug/suggestion file I sent him.

"Illegal skills, admin level 4, would work similiar to illegal races, except it would have effect on the learn verb/rank skillsets."
hey tens or exgen or whoever your going to have to remove the expand focus and stuff from the alien skill list if your removing it from the game aswell as the rank give verb
Tens... any way for my server to go public?
file:///D:/Games/LSX/LSX.dmb is my linnk

join dont join idc its here for ppl who wanna play some dbz at high gains!
Connecting to byond:// THIS PVP SERVER! 24/7 and great admins, toury every 30 minutes, and come earn a rank for your race
ten you broke ice_colds server it was bugged

Newton's....it's .2x BP gains.
Not for fucktard noobs that want 100x BP.
Do me a favor and put the version onto the MediaFire Files......(e.g. LSX v10.43)
Cuz i downloaded teh Version 10.41 6times -.-
Please DO it Tens!

And My server:
Delicronic or any admin from his server, was I banned? o_O can't log into the game, I don't recall breaking the rules or doing anything improper nor I don't know how I was banned. I wasn't even logged in for a day, and I just made yesterday. o_O Tell me why I was banned if so.
Who likes my new Gohan nub icon? BYOND mems FTW ^_^'

Anyway, I pay $15 a month for a shell to host this game. That's $180 a year. By paying out of my own pocket to provide a place for this game's playerbase to build and players to have fun, I get my server hidden from the hub, because I "abuse". Yes, I do abuse. I do not buy packs to support the game, because packs do not support the game. I support the game by paying for this server to host it. I get no compensation, therefore, I give myself semi-abusive free packs (edited intelligence slightly), custom ranks for others, etc. Abuse should not matter, and EX should not have the ability to hide servers from the hub. Do it yourself Tens.

On another note, Tens, you came to my server saying that EX's shell is down, and that all your concern was that YOUR server was down, then proceeded to ask me to host YOUR server on MY shell that I pay for. Your offer was to publicize my server on the hub. I decline this offer for two reasons.

1. My server shouldn't have been removed from the hub in the first place. I shouldn't have to bribed to host your server just to get it public.

2. My shell isn't powerful enough to host two servers at once, why don't you take some of that pack money and buy your own shell. No, I will not pay money to have my server hidden for bullshit reasons and then host for you for free. Pay me $15 and I will host a server for you.
No Offense at all Newton but Delicronis just have the BEST Server cause of the 10x Gains.
Nice said Newton. Couldn't agree more.
What does Custom Buff do?
basically allows you to put you stats in one thing, like anger.
So i can Use Custom Buff Unlimited Amounts of Times?
no its like going ssj but most people put the stat bonus into 1 stat so it gives them insane str and you can only activate it 1 time unless u keep buying it
So I hate how all the servers that say 24/7 Go down Whenever I get strong and comfortable.... Like stop putting 24/7 if yur server isnt gonna be 24/7!!! Signed *Rose :) Taha
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