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Today's Podcast
First up is today's podcast, in which we talk about this summer's development schedule, details on the re-balance, and more. You can check out the podcast on YouTube:

Or download/listen to the mp3 version here: NEStalgiaPodcastEp5.mp3

v1.46 and v1.47 Updates
In other big news, the v1.46 update (notes) was released this past weekend. This was a fairly large update that changed the entire game's color palette, as well as added replacement sprites or artwork improvements for almost every monster in the game. Another big change - dye and mask previews!

Before and after the palette changes in v1.46

Mask and Dye previews are already in v1.46, and the new inventory setup shown here is coming in v1.47

There's even more good news: within a couple days the next update (v1.47) will go live, and will bring some major changes to the way the inventory system works. Equipped gear and quest items will be moved to separate inventory panes, freeing up much more space for battle loot and consumables. This change has been one of our most requested features, and thanks to Spiff's efforts it's finally arrived!

All of these changes are only the tip of the iceberg. Keep checking in this summer for news on the next phase of updates, including new details on skill trees and lots of info about the big content expansion.

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And so... It begins..
I had the honor of testing the new Invetory system, it will defenitly ease things.
The original upload had some audio channel issues that caused the sound to be super low or non-existent on certain speakers. We've fixed the issue and re-uploaded the podcast. Enjoy!
I love this game :3
Is it okay that this post gave me a boner?