Spencer's Vore World

by Rixunie
Mainly, eat or be eaten! Sorry, no player eating player yet.
A good tip is as soon as you start, go straight down the mountain, and mine some coins from the rock.
The Classes are as follows!
Dragon: Good fighting, Good predation, Bad mining, Bad Fishing
Raptor Good Predation, Bad everything else.
Slime: Good for mining and fishing, but lacks fighting abilities
Wolf: Balanced
Snake: Good predation, Good fishing, Bad mining
add more plz this is a fun game!
Love to see this updated! By the way... Can you send me the sprites you used? I want to see what I can do with 'em,
Waiting for update will support this if you make more progress, and also I have a couple of suggestions to make this better.

1. Money is really hard to get and takes for ever to get please make monsters drop money when you kill em, but only when you don't eat them.

2. Optional add more species to play as not a big deal, but I think you can add some more like that Kangaroo or maybe insect species.

3. Strength is nearly impossible to take up you should make it so you can gain some when killing monster, and as long as you don't eat them would make it more balanced.

4. Paying to enter a dungeon is completely dumb please remove that it makes it impossible to gain enough gold, plus if you die you have to pay to enter again which is not a great idea.

I hope you read and listen to some of these requests, because its really difficult to gain that much please fix.
Lol you can eat someone else if they are already eaten by another monster....... which is a weird technicality.
This game seems to have been abandoned, shame that it was.