Well guys, as you can see, I am trying to resurrect my old Bleach game. One of my first requests is a simple interface design. Granted, you do not know much about the game and how it is planned out, but I would like to see what you would like a Bleach game to look like. Get as detailed as you want, even to the point of Photoshop/Pixel art. Let me "feed" on your feedback.

If you make it detailed enough and want to join, I may recruit you. If you are interested in joining, please say so in your post. I am looking forward to these results!

It is already decided that there will be a HUD, in the top left being your bars and a profile picture, and also Hotslots(probably on the bottom, possible on the right side).
Personally, I liked how Nate1123's BUB 2 interface was coming along before its development stopped.. Here's some screenies..

I may just have a love for black/gray themes though.. *looks at blog css*