ZYNKCO is proud to support Gooseheaded's "Deep Dungeon" game and Gooseheaded himself as a member of this group!

I would like to now review the game's current build : )

Deep Dungeon
Graphics -- 6/10
Gameplay -- 8/10
Sounds -- 4/10
Cooperation -- 6/10
Overall -- 6/10 (60%)

But why the low score?
It's because it's not finished yet. But what I like so far is very awesome and very fun. I am a soloist, and I am able to solo in this game, so I am having a lot of fun in it. But, teamwork is very crucial to this game as well, and helps ease the troubles as you make your way through a maze of corridors and such!

In this build [v1.20.4] you are able to choose one of four classes :: Guardian, Monk, Bowman, and Warlock. Each of these four classes are very different in gameplay.

The Guardian is a class for those who need a tank on their team. Not necessarily a solo-type class, but has a very talented ability of chaining attacks to generate more damage. Each successive kill earns the player one extra damage point.

The Monk is a soloist's class. Being able to heal and buff himself, the monk stands out as one of the more powerful of the four (and is pretty overpowered in this build). It's unfair to use this class with a team, so I recommend you use this class if you want to tackle the dungeon by yourself (and is very much doable).

The Bowman is very fast. Being able to avoid danger quickly is very important. The bowman also has the ability to fire different types of arrows as well as a rapid shot skill which increases rate of fire.

The Warlock is the magic class. The warlock focuses mostly on Area-Of-Effect spells but also has a strong single-target spell, too. The warlock will need to use his spells wisely because he is frail, as well as slow.


Each character you create has ONLY ONE LIFE to live. If he dies, then that's it. The player must start over. This makes survival a very crucial tactic (as it is in any rogue-like).

You begin on the surface. Upon descending into the dungeon (if no one has yet to do so) a new dungeon is summoned. You will then proceed to annihilate all of the enemies in there.

When all of the enemies are defeated, the dungeon will reset and be created into an entirely new dungeon for you to explore. If you haven't died, you keep all of your levels and you may continue to fight.

In the near future, you'll be able to save your character as well as improve your stats. I highly recommend you follow this title because Gooseheaded is working very hard on it!