The last game's results, which was to test how well the old Cold War gametype played out is here:

I've updated a bit but mainly in regards to this gametype. This includes being able to use normal alliance features such as the report room that you can run in normal games. The host can now decide whether to include a 3rd team in the Cold War alliance gametype, or select from two of the three options.

I've made wood sensible again, previously you had to wait the larger your nation is. Now you get it every turn again, but towns cost wood not unlike food does, to represent national consumption.

There is now a Space Leaders button which shows players how far everyone is in the space race.

There have been some bug fixes too largely relating to alliance games. I'm hosting one more of this type to finish ironing out bugs and features and I've promised to go back to normal after this one.

* Fix: A minor bug fix relating to combat land, fixed.
* Fix: In Crusade/Cold War gametypes, restarting would result in breaking the alliance.
* Fix: The combat loss messages for Recycling centres and blacksmiths were wrong way round.
* Fix: Propaganda research would not finish properly, never letting you proceed in the space race.
* Fix: Fixed a bug where V2's could delete radiation before its due time.
* Fix: When someone speaks in your alliance, it will jump to it rather than popping on top of worldsay.
* Fix: The issue hasn't been properly tracked yet, but a nation that is decimated to 0 land, and tries to rebuild should see them able to build properly again.
* Change: 0 Land nations don't appear in the 'less land' filter anymore.
* Change: In Cold War gametype, you cannot join an alliance if its got more than 3 more than the opposite side.
* Change: Made Wood sensible again. You get wood per turn, the payoff is that towns take 20 off.
* New: Rather than holding no rank titles in alliance gametypes, it now shows up as 'member'.
* New: Space Leaders in the 'other' menu displays players into space by milestones and their turns.
* New: Conventional bombing (V2's) now comes with its own graphic akin to the nuke one.
* New: In Alliance gametypes, you can now edit the report room.
* New: In Cold War gametype, what alliance you are in dictates what colour scheme you start with. Purely flavour.
* New: In Cold War gametype, its possible for the host (still subs feature) to include a 3rd alliance.


* New: In Cold War gametype, you can choose to include a third alliance if you wish, or pick which alliances you want in the game. ASEAN represents the 3rd alliance.