Nah nothing interesting really lol.


Latest Css which took me a while to do Because secretly i'm terrible with Css!
Well i think it seems to have turned out well. It was for Kira Kyuuketsuki she seems to like it so that's what matters ehh lol.

She even gave me a layout design which no one's done before lol, anyway i think it's not too bad :)

If you have visited her page then i wouldn't mind any comments and opinions on how it looks.


Bleach Dirge of Chaos is a bleach game which i have owned since 2008 it's been around a long time but went into hibernation when the new site situation came about, it's a continuation of Bsoc by both Jonaz and Troj, Nice to have Jonaz make a comment on my hub to make me feel more at ease lol, though i'll try and get Troj to make a post aswell..

Anyway the Game's going well Jonaz has actually contributed a bit of art work to the game with some fresh earth turf and buildings, But i have to admit the building style does look a bit like Dbz lol, but who cares! it's original and it's pretty :)
While Originally i had Ace help program for me which he did and it sure helped the game, but i do not have regular contact with him and instead have ended up relying on a good friend of mine Liam Howe to help me make dirge a better place, he has been helping me program the game and even made a website for Dirge.


The Teka Co chat Seems to have died as well, since i have heard no news form wookie for a long long time, but anyway who needs it when we have Mikau's Saloon


My money situation is healing up, I'm not in any immediate worry lol, i'm doing alright and i have purchased 7 memberships already, which was a bit early to be doing that really... I'm making sure i'm a little more responsible with money for myself this time.


Ahh finally.

Damn i think i'm going to make a weekly comic like Lazer dog's!, i think my art skills can match his.. ohh that'd be great lol

Oh well! How's everyone else doing out there :)?

I actually just did a big update of the saloon about 20 minutes ago, almost to the point where I can start adding games to it.

I need some graphics for it though, the userlist buttons need to be more sexy.
I feel loved, mentioned in a post. <3
For the CSS....It looks awesome!

Nice to see updates on B:DoC. I hope you and your team will do good on it. And nice new art. :)

Good to hear that your "money" problem is getting better!
Interesting CSS. Makes me feel like crap for over spending 3 minutes slightly altering mine from white and grey. Ah well.
im doing fine. nice to know things are returning to normal for you... also good luck on teh comic..
I'll still donate when I get a chance, even if you're no longer in shambles. It's my way of paying in return for donating both of my memberships.
Is it okay that this post game me a boner?
I'm doing pretty well. Working on my Bleach game again, with 14 days left on my membership. Woohoo! Hahaha.
Nice to hear all of the good news. I hope Teka Co. Chat can get going again. Welp, back to programming this Combat system. :)
If I didn't have bills, I'd send you some money. I'm low myself, I'm awful with money, I end up getting stuff in the mail that I tend to buy when I'm drunk.
Shit, I'm over here weighting money instead of counting it :(
Stop trying to get Teka to buy you shit.
@Albro >Trying to get Teka to buy him a membership without others noticing.
Just trying to make another game and trying to get opportunity to be pixel art for a crew and get membership at least XD
Is there any chance of getting the CSS but in silver and black?
i love this css teka
Whats CSS?
CSS is Custom Style Sheet, It's the page layout with code to change the sizes, positions, colors, effects, margins, borders, backgrounds and so on, and they are refering to :)

Teka can u have a membership
Teka Fan Zewo123 wrote:
Teka can u have a membership

Off course he can have a membership hes Teka; however, you can't.