Hey guy's well it seems i am a failure of a mafia Boss, I should know the right people for the job.. but i don't.


Anyways I am currently working on Bleach: Dirge of Chaos and i really would like some Help from some good pixel artist's.
Dirge is getting re programmed from scratch by Liam Howe and re mapped by me from scratch, it's a shame to have to re use some of the old icons though.

I have Jonaz/king manga man helping with pixel art and he's done a really good job, but he is a busy guy and can't contribute much of his time to help me so i doubt he'll be able to do much more than just the turfs(he's done Earth and is currently doing Soul Society)

What i really need is anyone who's willing to help do some original.

  • Hollow icons (Lots of different types)
  • interior icons such as:
  • Table's
  • Chairs
  • Furniture
  • School interior(desks/black board)
  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Overlays for the base
  • Health/Rei bars for the hud
  • Techniques/Kidous/Arrancar tech's
  • And a whole lot of other things required for your average bleach game.

  • I Would also like to mention i don't really want second hand icons which are spare, i would like purpose made icons for dirge(selfish as it is)

I'm really sorry to save this but.. I Cannot afford to pay, I know there's other people who are willing to pay, so i doubt many people are interested since pixel artists are hard to come by these days and i also do not wish to just give out Gm positions etc for this either.

This is an Example of the current Pixel Art Work.

Come on I've been around Byond long enough, Won't anyone want to help me :(? where's karma when i need it lol

Anyway i guess i'm just posting this and hoping for the best, i'm asking a lot of the Byond community and not offering a lot back except the fact of me trying to make my game a lot better, well thanks anyhow :)

Please post a reply
contact me at

I bet there's a lot of pixel artist willing to contribute some art to you for free.
i might donate some of my old stuff.
Hey guy's thank's for that, though i do not wish to have icons which may pop up elsewhere in one of your own games.

And i don't think many pixel artists are willing to help me out for free enic :(

I'll always do things for free lol, but that's because i have a job, nearly everyone else around here want's to make money to help them get by :).

Lol duelmaster i deleted your post :).
I'm about roughly just over half way done on the programming.
If I ever come up with any useful icons, I'll deliver some for no charge. :P
I thought you were looking for a replacement mafi boss. I was going to gladly kill you as tradition goes, but this is uh.. a better idea.
I will help i mean i got 1 other thing going on but its not in any rush so just hit me up on pager when you read this you know im always on lol
Hey Teka, Hishido here.

I've recently been working on a new base for a Bleach game. I have a lot of free time until Reformist finishes the Naruto Evolution's Reborn Patch icons, so if you haven't got anybody else, I'd be willing to help. Hook me up on MSN if you're interested.
Cant wait for the release. The pixel art looks great. :D
Teka give me 1 year Membership i go post my musics and icons

He can't do that, he just went bankrupt after what he did for Zane. xD
LOL ET I will still survive, but thank you :).

That was one hell of an impulse/panic buy, I was like a rocket.., I woke up, Saw the post, Bought it, Replied.
The End.

But no i cannot afford to buy any more memberships now. :(.

@Bandock: Thank you, you are one person who always offer's to repay me somehow, it's very kind of you, even though you don't need to.

Well for those who want to contact me my email is
I'll see what I can do for you teka, I do not generally do pixel art for anime games. I also have someone I could refer you to that does excellent graphics and pixel work you may know his byond key is Sonder I have no idea what he is up to, but drop him a message see if he has any contact info on his byond page.
Teka pls Can i have membership of byond i got hacked so now i cant buy one more membership for this accound so can u gift me a membership i dont beg but this time i need your help
I woukld like to help you and howe programme the game. Always been a fan and got over 2 years exp.
I would love to help yew but im not very good at anything xDDD
i help u teka i known every code of every game
Teka. I will make any code you need, just ask. But being a pixel artist is not my thing. I can do it but I just have no patience with it. I would bang my head in the wall too many times before I could finish 3 icons. In fact, I'd probably start going crazy near the end of one. That is why I am actually looking for a pixel artist for my L.o.A.W. game. But, yeah. If you need any codes just ask. If you don't know my new e-mail ask for that. It's private for only Staff Members and the VIP people.

You know how to find me mate
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