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I've been looking to make a little money on the side, and I'd be willing to do some programming for people to make it. I have a wide array of languages on my plate, so I'll work on more than just BYOND projects. However, I do not want to take on a whole game-project by myself, as it is very time consuming, and I have my own to attend to. Any work I take up will be the highest priority, and I can ensure that it gets done as fast as I am able. Anything paid has to come in by PayPal, since I'm afraid I've got no other method of receiving funds.

Previous Work:
Doomed Dreams
Did some work on Paintball Party by Slic3y for a list of projects (which includes some BYOND games, and others), however my most current and developed one is kEllyIRC -- an IRC client in the making.

Contact Information:
Email: imnothere199[at]gmail[dot]com
AIM: imnothere199
Any other IM address available upon request.