seeing as my membership is due to expire in approximately 5 days,Im offering my services as an artist to anyone interested.
MY Portfolio.

*unique 32x32= $.50 per frame
*unique 64x64= $1.00 per frame

*unique 96x96= $2.00 per frame
*unique 128x128= 5.00 per frame

greater than unique 128x128= $ varible

experienced pixel artist(4 years total)
experienced animator(3 years total)

unfortunately for me,pay pal doesn't allow my country to link my pay pal to my bank account,meaning i cannot receive im accepting byond memberships as payment.

that means your request may be equivalent or just over the amount for a membership(ill accept up to $5 over the cost of a membership)

Id ask that all clients of complete details about the task.

disclaimer-all tasks completed are final.

pager: Zane444

leave all queries in a post.

i need someone more experienced srry
heh,sorry i didnt meet your expectations :)

but id like to ask that you stay on topic.
I would be interested in your services. I sent you a addy on MSN. My MSN is Moussiffer[at]msn[dot]com In case my addy didn't go through. I love your work and think it would be a welcome addition to my game. =]
Nice 'splosions. Wish you were taking up work when I was making Decadence.
Uh, I need Proof of creation.
Hey Zane you know i would have probably renewed your membership without you needing to ask if i had known.

But since i am in need of a pixel artist for my bleach game and i know your skills well and that you have worked on one i could not miss this opportunity.

I have just bought you a 5 year membership even though it may cripple me now lol.

But i am dedicated to my Bleach game right now as it is getting made and would Really need the help.

I have just made a blog post regarding pixel artist's help but obviously i said i wouldn't be paying so.. no one's really bothered replying lol.

My blog post is Teka123?command=view_post&post=114486

It roughly says what i want to be done if in case i don't see you due to our time zones.
Teka, youz a damn beast. I wish you would buy me a membership. lulz.
Damn Teka... Thanks for at least letting him choose what he wanted to work on before you bought your way into this... I hope he is still willing to work with other people even though you just did this... >_>
Lol. Teka went from "I can't afford to pay" to "I just bought you a 5 year membership", hahaha.
hmm,even though my schedule is extremely hectic right now,i may be able to take on a few more requests.i need help regaining some lost motivation :)
I added you on msn. I would be glad if we could talk about the job offering.
From what I've been hearing, you're an awfully lazy pixel artist who likes to shift projects a lot. Dunno if that's true, but it's like a tag every time I mention you.
I guess everyone has their own personal opinions.but have you gotten those opinions from persons who have personally worked with me?my resume is actually pretty small,in my 4 years on byond ive worked on.
Naruto New dawn-Asellia
Bleach Revolution-chris gayle
Twilight Herald-TH team

i dont know how many realize it but pixel art is still just a hobby.i have no interest in pursuing a career in game development.
*ignore last message*

Ahh i'm sorry my actions were very selfish, I had just made a post asking for pixel art help.

The next morning i see this post and i can't believe my luck, So i straight away (ignoring my money situation) purchase the 5 year membership for Zane.

I am very dedicated to my game now and i selfishly Forced Zane into this predicament of having to work for me on the basis of him working of the debt. I Know Zane and of his skills so i rudely took this action. I'm sorry to everyone else who also wanted his help that i have selfishly pushed aside.
teka we love you man and i dont wanna say this rudely however isn't your game a quote, "continuation of soc"? i'm sure zane would pay you back with some solid work but he has much more experience than me and imo i would not even do paid work for that.
You shouldn't look at it as doing work for a game, but just making icons for the person that asks you. I was tempted to buy a membership for Zane so he could make me my own icons to use in games like NNF and PSE.
Zane please could u icon for my game ive got money and need an artist
Teka123 wrote:

lmao, teka the man!
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