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Hey people of byond, :D at the moment I'm trying to give memberships I've promised to certain people but the payment wont transfer and i added my added money in my banking account yesterday, how can I resolve this?
You know you can buy memberships straight from the credit card right?

Alternate Method - PayPal
Don't you pay through paypal?
how else can i pay then?
try making a paypal account and if its your account thats bugged up make a new one and transfer
credit or Visa, if u got that...
man i thought u meant pay though pay pal at all, i dont use my acc for buying stuff here, only do that on ebay
:D the best way is to buy me one

Hey man. your bank completely screwed over my Paypal account. I have a negative value of $35 on my Paypal now because of that $20 donation you made to my paypal back in June(And the bank charged Paypal an extra $15 so Paypal took that extra money from me too). Contact me immediately please. This is a serious issue, that's $35 I don't have.