Well, here's the progress on my Solo( So far ) proress; Naruto: Fallen Legacy.

Characer Creation: Well, I've been being "Creative" the past few days, figuring out withs a good way to make a Character Creation and BAM ! Perfect idea came in... Interace Character Creation !

Konoha(Leaf) Clan Selection Center:

Suna(Sand) Clan Selection Center:

Kiri(Mist) Clan Selection Center:

Well , that's the end of the Clan / Character Creation system . Time to move on ;D.

Thanks to all those comments on my old post; "Daily Pixel #1", Iconing has Improved ( Thanks Tyga ! )
Ash Effects:

2011-06/Masterralphy55-0003/Ash.dmi (EDIT: Not what I expected, It's sapose to move like a .GIF file but eh xD)


2011-06/Masterralphy55-0003/Boulder.dmi (Not what I expected either xD)

I'm finished .

No , there's way more skills / passives then just 2 . I just want to show you guys a little "progress" in the game ;) . Be sure to Comment !


well, icons are well ;)
But dont like the interface to mutch...
but interfacing takes time if ur not to used to it... XD
but keep on going, it gets better :D
@Tafe -

Thanks :)
The smoke effect looks nice but could animate better

the color palette for the bones looks kind of drab and boring. its like they are made out of paper and looks like a gradient was applied even though i dont think one was.
I took your bone, changed the palette a bit giving the shadows some strong saturation to make it look crisp and applied dithering and some AA. i recommend using 3-4 colors each small sprite like this, and in larger sprites around 3 colors per unique hue

and for the boulder it looks nice and cartoony but you could add dithering to give it some texture
Alright , thanks Yut !
Thanks ;D . I'll get better Yut :)
I feel like for the character creation, some minor edits are needed. Like the boxes with the people's faces on them aren't lined up. And also the pictures seem kind of blurry.
Dreh, your back on BYOND ? o.O

Yep I'll line 'em up more and they're blury because I Screenshoted them . It's actually better :)
Ya I came back to playing, not programming or any of that sort yet.
im sure those pictures was for naruto battle? which has been shut down but considering i coded alot of it aniste has given me full rights to it which i will recreate it when i get my membership may you please remake the pictures on your own? no use anistes work.

P.s im DragonDesend hi :D
I made those icons :D
SKINS!!!! You can do everything you can with skins by using icons, it's harder with icons but better.
ShadeCyberPlatinum wrote:
SKINS!!!! You can do everything you can with skins by using icons, it's harder with icons but better.

I agree, but if you are good with workarounds(expixel's specialty) you can do some amazing shit really fast with interface controls.

look at efencea(if that's how it's spelled lol)
Did you use photoshop.. and can you help me learn how to pixel art.. I just started about 2 months ago and i have a not-so-great grasp on shading and dithering.. You smoke and boulder looks pretty sweet.

If yes can you add me on Thanks