Poll: Wich Interface is better?!

Interface 1 76% (30)
Interface 23% (9)

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Interface 1:

Interface 2:

And please give suggestions. :)
interface 1
Interface 1 looks better in my opinion.
Interface one looks better, more neat. Interface two however is a more original interface. My vote goes for number 1 though.
2 cause is more rpgigiton lol if ya know what i mean :X
i voted for two by mistake ment to vote for one.
2 is much cleaner.
Number 2 is a little bland only because you didn't add more to that interface. I like the unique health and special bars from number two. You should fuse both interfaces. Since it's a medieval game, You could add a metallic look to those vertical boxes from number two and to the borders on number 1. I think you should replace the bars from 1 with the sheild bars from number 2.

stretch the bottom of the top border a bit longer, then add those vertical boxes from number 2 to the bottom of the number 1 interface, but make them horizontal laying even to the bottom of the chat box.
do number 2 with a pimped out chat box positioned similarly to number 1 but without the bland colors

also I totally love the colors for the HP/MP gauges
That link doesn't work.
No, still like number one better
Number one. :P
Number one, If you can get around the full screen resolution problem... Still struggling with that myself.
TBH a game with full hud looks better when it isn't full screen. That doesn't go for everything of course. Big budget games can manage some cool full-screen games. Bit Id suggest a smaller game screen.
1 Looks Pretty Good.
i like number 2 the HP and Mana are more zelda like ^.^
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