I've released a new version of Wargames, it tidies a few of the Cold War issues but that's it for now of that gametype. I'm back to hosting regular gametype.

As for other features, tanks are now divided into three types, before they were all lumbered into one. Light tanks are good against Infantry and Cavalry, Medium tanks are all-rounders, while Heavy Tanks are mostly only good vs other tanks.

I've added a new filter, which lets you choose by searching text to find certain players, as you might have seen their name but perhaps don't remember it in full or can't easily see it.

Finally, there are some new units and buildings. There are now 2 new conventional missiles in the form of "Scud" and "Dong Feng" for Post WW2 and Modern eras, as well as a late spear unit: Scythemen and a modern era infantry unit.

There are a total of 3 new buildings, Ports are now required to transfer resources, either in Trade or Alliances, as well as giving a minor food bonus. There are also 2 new Future era buildings, Fusion plant being easily the best power plant in the game, and Assembly Line being an upgraded factory for quicker unit production.

* Fix: Another fix for leaving alliances at restart for alliance games.
* Fix: Fixed a bug with the new Space Leaders button.
* Fix: Attempted bug fix regarding sea tiles being taken with no navy.
* Fix: Radiation would remain in restarts, fixed.
* Fix: The number of Trident missiles would be wrongly displayed in your Ministry of War in the Future age, instead of the correct Modern age.
* Fix: V-2's would cause radiation when it shouldn't have.
* Change: The 6 ranks based on medals have changed to a more progressive system, now with 9 and will go up if necessary in pattern.
* Change: I've decided that win counts should remain rather than being reset when restarting.
* Change: You cannot view players online until you have set your nation settings and started the game.
* Change: Minor change to the positions of some buildings and units.
* Change: Major change to Tanks. Rather than holding a single grouping, they are now divided into Light, Medium and Heavy Tanks.
- Light Tanks: Best against infantry, Mark1 Panzer Tetrarch Shreader.
- Medium Tanks: Slightly better kill rates than Lights, but much better defence, Cromwell Centurion Abrams Challenger2.
- Heavy Tanks: Not so good at infantry, but better against other tanks and less vunerable, Tortoise.
* Change: V-2 Rocket time has been decreased from 25 to 20.
* New: You can now filter the attack list by name, this checks both nation name and player key.
* New: New units, Rockets:
- Scytheman: An Industrial Era Spear unit, the best spear unit available, despite its late age.
- Modern Infantry: A Modern Era Gun unit, this is an upgraded version of the Assault Infantry of the previous era.
- Scud Rocket: A Post WW2 Era improvement on the V-2, larger radius.
- Dong Feng Rocket: A Modern Era improvement on the Scud, larger radius.
* New: New Buildings:
- Port: Ancient era building, provides some food, but also now used to cap the amount of resources you can trade at one time. 10k per building.
- Fusion Plant: Future era building, provides the best level of power in the game.
- Assembly Line: Future era building, 3 times as much production than a normal factory.
I love it.