Just realized it has been *2 years* since my last update. Wow.

In the meantime, I have been to Hawaii and Vegas, gotten engaged (not in Vegas or Hawaii, though), toured some vineyards, bought a house (unfortunately not with a vineyard) and am in the middle of renovating the master bathroom in said house. Same job, though, which is good.

On the BYOND front, I got my server working, got distracted helping a firend with a mud. Got *that* one into a very fun game. (See simple_search.cgi?Mode=MUD&mud=Pict It's an awesome historical inspired hack n slash text mud.) Then, I lost all desire to do a fantasy text mud because said mud did pretty much everything I wanted in a mud.

I messed with newer BYOND skin stuff, which is amazing, to work on a post-apoc game, but gave up on that since I don't have the inclination to put in the time to make the graphics I wanted (think Fallout).

So then I went back to text based games and am dabbling with a pseudo sci fi mud that I am sure nobody would play anyway :-)
Regarding the sci-fi MUD, you'd be surprised. After I found Miriani was sorely incomplete and just an endless grind, and after Slipgate Legacy went through a ragequit bridge-burning when it seemed like a great homage to GalaxyWeb, I've been meaning to find a decent sci-fi MUD.

I started playing around with the BYOND isometric view myself, and actually got a proof of concept system that had RollerCoaster Tycoon-like height variations, but without a game idea to throw in, not to mention my general aversion to doing anything other than my magnum opus space sim in a different programming language, it fell quickly into disuse.
Welcome back. ;)
Welcome back fine sir!
Welcome back..2 years.. really long time.