Take two old game concepts and turn it into a bit of new awesomeness.

Check it out here.

I wanted to share this because, as a game designer, your just like... awe, this is awesome and so straight forward of an idea.

Granted, the overall impact only lasts for a few rounds but it's a fun twist.

Turn this into more of story/epic adventure and you might keep a person going for a long time.

wow... got kind of shocked at level 013 XD
Anwyays, brilliant
That's kind of like the zombie killing typing game on BYOND. I forget the name of it though.

As well as this take on it:
i got to level four and was bored... but yeah, it's a really simple concept that was fun to play

and awesome atmosphere
Way too easy, also look up Typing of the Dead.
Try Super Puzzle Platformer for another twist on old game concepts. No story/epic adventure required. =)
I played stuff like this all the time in my elementary school typing class. This game is just a little more epic looking and less childish.