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Hey everyone,

After a long winded battle with RP Unlimited code and trying to educate myself on how to do something simple it seems we will get the two promised factions of the Multi-Page world information section. First most I am looking into how many pages it should be and setting the limits might be hard but it will be either. Keep in mind the multiple page will count as different webpages to for you people that put in music and that, you can put spread songs per-page.

Secondly, The blank like link error for the Forum is solved. Mostly a quick fix was put in being the RP Unlimited Icon (The 16x16 one) is put into every link so you can click it. Might be customizable in a later version but for now it works.

Moving on 1.4 is coming along nicely but the more I work on it the more I wonder. Why does RP Unlimited need? More I know people want chat groups and other settings but what I am looking at is, what kind of Text based Role-play setting are you looking to build? What is not their that can help you? Customizable Status systems? Mapping systems? In game Time Systems? Weather Mapping?

This question plagues me being I would like to move into being able to have people run Campaigns for table tops and so on with future updates. So you can host the Text based and Tabletop RPGs.

Please keep in mind the question here is not what would be cool, but what do you need? This means what is stopping you from designing the story you want. Example is, An Rp I was designing for RP Unlimited I found the Forums was horribly ineffective for posting things like battle systems and step ups, It would be better if I could post it all in the world info but without having a 72 page long single webpage. So Low and behold the multiple page world info. This is example.

Now moving on with everything, just putting the call out. Being I have a forum for this here. ( I know a lot of people don't like signing up for it. I plan to release the open beta hopefully before the end of summer for testers and hosts. So please drop a line and yeah I seen the error messages about forum saves and that... So I will be working on seeing about getting those controlled as well.

Well thanks for reading and hopefully RP Unlimited will have a bigger and brighter future.

I See. Very nice :c

Good Luck~
Oh boy, one of the things I've been looking forward to updates hoping you'd add in tabletop features, perhaps an enhancement toward the dice system as well as a proper sheet creation process. Keep working hard, Anthony, it's going to be a great game, definitely. <: