I finished random generation and reached a very efficient way to save it all. Generation takes about 1 minute for me and saving loading both less than 5 seconds. I thought getting over that hump would be the hardest part but now I have a horde of features I put off because of this Goliath. Guess it time to get to work.

Combination System:
This isn't a new update but it's something I didn't go into detail.

It features a drag-to box which gathers a list and shows the various possible combinations. However, it would be annoying if you had to rely on it for small recipes which is why you can still drag the items directly to each other if the recipe calls for only those two things.

Here's a few free recipes, enjoy.

Removal of Totems, Lean-to's and Locks/Keys:

The game used to use "totems" which used its curse to scare people from trying to tear down buildings near-by. It was a quick/creative way to handle griefing. It however wasn't to my liking.

So, now players can build lean-to's, smith locks and keys and in the future use pets to guard things. Buildings no longer have a "tear down" verb instead you can just attack a building, building and athletic skill effects damage.

Lean-to's are accessible at a early level and provide a cheap way to lock your doors. Clicking them rotates them, any facing a door prevents it from being opened.

You get a little window in which you can edit your key before smithing is finalized.

Thanks goes out to F0lak for being a much needed brainstorm-partner and Maydrian1 for hosting the testing.

Haha, the colors remind me of Hazordhu.
Hmm... guess I need a new title and color scheme I keep using ones already taken. :\
I preferred brown with Hazordhu because it reminded me of the earth. Having originated as a survival-type game, it fitted that you had to build everything from scratch, with things you get straight from the ground.
Hazordhu tried to use Tempus Sans ITC, but some BYOND bug or something would cause players to not see the right font, even if it was included with the .rsc.

(if it's still being tested, I'd like to see o:)

Also, it's F0lak, not Fl0ak.
Yeah, I used brown for the same reasons, I made the skin a while ago, never realized how similar it was to Haz (As if it needed another similar factor).
That key idea is brilliant.
The key crafting dealio looks pretty cool.
Placed it in open testing. Enjoy.
You sir are a competent designer. -claps-
Your interface work looks fantastic. I'd love to poke around when you get a server back online.

hey Jittai, me and a few of the guys at OfficialNODGaming have gotten into your game, you should get a server running, so people can play it together, And is ther eventually going to be a recipe list for the different items and what not, that would help ALOT