After releasing a little Chat Client and a recent remake of a simple Password Login System I plan to follow up with a small platformer. I've always loved the platformers and see myself doing a mini-platformer on the lines of the old Super Mario Bros.

After extensive research throughout BYOND's user-driven resources, I think I have some ideas and a small understanding of how to execute a platformer. Thanks to some accomplished Platformer Developers and their helpful resources, I believe I am beginning to understand the side-scrolling platformer ideas.

I've built up the framework and made up my little place-holder sprites until someone more talented than me comes along to do the "real Pixel Art" work for the project, assuming it releases. I should have some screen shots for everyone within the next week or so. I'm currently programming the framework and making sure all movement are working and look sharp. Hopefully, there's a featured side-scroller in my future as well. No worries, Forum, I'll be sure to mention your lib in the thanks and credits section.

Speaking of Forum, there is a few questions I could use answered, if you have a few minutes sometime when we're both on. I'll add ya to the pager and hit ya up.

Anywho, for everyone else, that's all the babbling I can think of for now. Look forward to those screen shots here soon.

P.S. Could use a willing Pixel Artist to help out.
I have been busy lately and haven't been on BYOND much at all. If you don't want to wait to catch me on the pager, you can post on my forum, or post a comment somewhere (on my site, on the hub entry of my library, etc.) and I'll see it.