by F0lak
Role-play a fantasy life in this medieval RPG set in a completely player-developed world!
Greetings fans and readers! I'm here to talk about some of the things that have been added to Hazordhu since my last blog post a week ago.

First things first, we've been tackling bugs as always. Our last update took care of all of the known bugs, and now we're sitting on a stable and almost bug-free version. Granted there are still a few very minor ones, but they've all been fixed for today's update, which is the main topic of this blog post!

In my last post I was talking about the group system. That's been perfected, so now if the leader leaves the group or recreates their character (ie: Permanently dies) group ownership is handed over to the next highest ranking member. Another interesting change is that subscribers are now able to hide their identity by wearing a hood. As long as they whisper when they talk, nobody can tell who they are.

And now, on to the goodies! Todays update features a long-standing request for the game that everyone is excited about! Alchohol! The creation of alchohol will be limited to subscribers only, however all players will be able to partake in some of the good drink, if they can get their hands on some. The system includes several features of alchohol from real life, such as slurred speech, hiccups, loss of motor skills, vomiting, passing out, and -if you drink too much- death. We will feature two types of alchohol in the release: Beer and Wine, both brewed in barrels. Each one has unique properties, such as wine healing some health with beer giving a small temporary strength buff. The King is even going to be hosting a feast when this update is released (around noon today) to celebrate this new concoction devised by the castle cook.

The update features a few other small additions and bug fixes, including some new commands for NPC's and some small combat additions, including combat dummies attacking back, allowing players to practice their active defenses.

I hope to see you all there! And Happy Drinking!
What about the moonshine? There is no moonshine?
Suicide Shifter wrote:
What about the moonshine? There is no moonshine?

Not yet. Once we work all of the kinks out of the system itself we'll be adding some more beverages.
f0lak hey im trying to play now after the update but all im getting is a light grey sqaure thats blank any advice? your games really fun and i hope i can still play it!
We fixed that bug for the update. You were logging in prior to the update. Log in now and wait for the map to load.
for subscribers? that sucks.
Only subscribers can brew alcohol, but anyone can drink it.
yes. that sucks! brewing!f
for subscribah
but i got idea. mayby you try making weak boozes to be made by everyone and normal and/or strong for subscribers
A subscription isn't that expensive though. I am sure you can manage to give 6 bucks.
that would be hard. polish money does not have a good value
Paypal can convert your funds.
i dont work yet im studying my parents spend money on bills and the rest on food. how can i use damn paypal or even have enought monah?