A few months back, I made a blog post about a project I was working on. I had lain the framework and began programming the features during leave and completely forgotten about it over time. Imagine my surprise when I opened my mediafire account a few weeks back and found it.

I had already had a nice framework for the basics set up and was working on advanced features, laying framework for those to be expanded upon at a later date. Upon opening it, I realized I had a decent start on something I wanted to do.

I've since named the project "Spirit of the Dragon" in reference to some of its features and its fighting system. It's a basic PvP setup where you team up or make enemies with other players in the world and develop your skills for supremacy.

The current list of features include:
Arena Battling: Challenge any other player in the world to duke it out in the arena. There is a var set in the stat panel that keeps track of your losses and wins.

Guilds: (Surprisingly) It's a PvP game with a guild system, complete with guild ranks, management verbs and a guild chat feature.

Quests: Compete against other players in miniquests along the way. See who can complete the quest first before the quest-giver disappears forever.

AI: The world is littered with monsters and critters of all skill levels, to include some very rare, but very existent dragons. These dragons, if killed, will bestow upon the slayer a range of magical powers and a little surprise. ;)

Subscriptions: Subscriptions are basically meant to keep the potential shell server paid for. Subscribers will pay a very small fee for access to exclusive items, races and potential abilities.

I am currently working to add a decently-sized medal system into the game.

This isn't the full extent of the finished product. I plan to add much more before release, expectant in the next few weeks. After polishing of some of the content and upon completion of the remaining sprites, it shouldn't take long at all to complete.

I could use:
Someone well-versed in interface design and management to give the project a little something extra to look at.

Someone capable of doing the art and helping with the creation of a login system and title screen that will help "beautify" the user's gaming experience.

Other than that it doesn't seem too far fetched to have a release date sometime in July. I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel, and the project's current Pixel Artist has been busting her hump to see the sprites completed in a timely manor. Thanks Monty!

Comments? Questions? Gripes? Let's hear 'em!
Cool. I would love to play your game when it comes out. Good Luck~
Sooo Shaman king is dead ?
Red Tornado wrote:
Sooo Shaman king is dead ?

I may program it for the Project Owner if he sends me the source code I started about 9 months ago. I sent it back to him and we quit working on it. I'll talk to him whenever he is on. If I can't get the source code back, I may start over on it since so many of you guys are asking me about it. I'll let ya know bro.