Poll: What do you think of these games?

Both games rock 10% (4)
Rage is better 13% (5)
CQ is better 44% (17)
Both games suck 31% (12)

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Rage by: Mickemoose

You will die of laughter when playing this game. It is summed up in these words: "Fred's rage is as big as ET's ego" . The game itself is the ultimate suicide. Beware of Justin Bieber.

Basically, you are a boy with no life. You must interact with various objects to try and increase your rage so that you can kill yourself. Doing things like turning on your xbox or playing with the magickarp are the easiest ways to do this. The medals on the hub help set goals for the game, since it already being pretty small and can get boring pretty fast.

Also, for a fee of 4$, you can subscribe and get premium. This allows you to access other things that can make killing yourself funnier/bloodier. The icons aren't taken from anywhere that I know of, so I assume that they're original. The gameplay is unique but short, so it can get boring. Overall, I give the game a 3/5.


Casual Quest by: IainPeregrine

A classic that's been popular since 2010, Iain's second game blows my mind. It's unique battle system and the various area's that the waves take you are very cool.

You start out as an adventurer in the grasslands of some unknown place. You and your partner(s) must fight against wave after wave of different types of enemies. After an amount of time, a situation will appear. Depending on what you choose to do, your class will change from adventurer to something else. Being able to shoot fire or arrows and summon genies is no small bonus when it comes to bosses. After every 20 waves, you will gain an ancient object. Each object is guarded by a boss, with very strong enemies/mini-bosses assisting the weaker enemies in other waves.

The mob appears to be custom-made, and all the turf and the rest of the icons are fine. The gameplay isn't boring and will keep you hooked until you reach the very end (Around wave 160, I assume). Also, BYOND members and subscribes to other games can get bonuses as well. BYOND Members can start off as "Member Adventurer", which has a shield and can heal. Regrassia Subscribes start with a hero that has a shield and can also heal and has high health. Hazordhu subscribes start with an orc with flaming arrows and a bloody axe. Overall, I give this game a 10/10 for being awesome.


Iain's second game? :P WHAT ABOUT PLUNDER GNOME?
Lol. I was taking it from the fact that it came after Regrassia.

And I put together the whole thing from scatch in about 15 minutes, so it isn't my best work at all. And I only had those screenshots of both games =/
Rage is pretty damn fun, at least for about 15min.
Lol. Yea. If it was bigger and had more things to do, it would be a lot funner. I was sad when I discovered that It was so short.
Darwin. Mind telling me why I must pay 18$ to comment here?
MasterMerv wrote:
Darwin. Mind telling me why I must pay 18$ to comment here?

Anyone can comment here. Anyone. You didn't need to buy a membership to do so. Lol.
*Cough* Channel comments *Cough*
Oh. That. Because I don't want noobs spamming it. You can do so now.