"Don't regret. Every experience builds you as a person in one way or another; Embrace it."
-Wrote it on the spot.

Well it's 7:42 in the morning and I didn't even attempt to sleep last night thanks to restlessness. I have a cup of coffee at my side and I figured I might as well check in with you guys and let you know that I'm still around. I haven't been up to much since school let out on Monday. I'll be going to Gettysburg on Tuesday and then I'm leaving for Florida on the 8th.

I've been meaning to get another short story up here but I've been neglecting to finish the one I started. As far as BYOND activities go, a couple friends and I have started working on a Pokemon fan game with an original concept that I have to admit is pretty awesome for a fan game. Project notes are here if anybody is curious. Thoughts?

Welp, that's about it for now so stay awesome! [:


PS: New MSN by the way. Add it if you want;
Kay. Wb. Hope to keep seeing you around~
Hey that sounds pretty interesting. I'd play it. :D
That's possibly the best idea for a Pokémon fan-game I've ever read <3 :D

... Then again... it is the only original idea I've ever read...
Thanks, man!