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So AM: Knight is a very strange title for a game, for those of you wondering what it means, it stands for Armageddon Monarch Knight. A knight who serves for the Armageddon King.
Thanks to Yut Put, he was able to fix my sprite, and help me disassemble the sprite to not only do an animations, but allow myself to do some as well. It's coming along nicely so far:

You've probably already seen this in YutPut's post, however he did forget to splash. I am a maniac, just to warn anyone who decides to be funny and steal. However he did splash now so it's fine.
The Story Behind AM: Knight-
Zan, has been sent a letter, appointing him to become an Armageddon Knight. Becoming an Armageddon Knight is considered a great thing, you become a personal Knight of the King, but who knows the story behind the king. (I certainly don't, my friend writes the story XD)
Chapter 1 has been written, the map for chapter 1 has been created. Online mode will not be added until the end. And I simply refuse to post anything we've made so far. (You know how it is with those nubs these days, they can't do nothin after you release the game tho)
4 major/minor characters have been planned in (including Zan), the other three need to be iconned.
If you've seen my other post with the video, you'll know this game will run in a chapter select mode, the game will be arena based, along with an Adventure Mode add on.
That's pretty much it so far.