I decided to start working on it again. Since DM is my primary language and I am the most fluent in it, I plan on finishing this library so that I can make some rather impressive single-player games (which are my specialty).

Furthermore, the library will be open to the public once I see that it is under a stable version and is flexible enough to make games with.

I will be releasing some add-on libraries to ZNDev that rely on the ZNDev framework (otherwise some very bad things will probably happen and we don't want this now do we?).

ZNDev is framework that works with BYOND, made in DM. Its primary function is to create single-player games that look/feel similar to Genesis or SNES games (16-bit era). The game's screen defaults to 320x240 (scaled 2x) and offers a generic keypad macros (Minimal key input similar to game controllers of the 16-bit era -- and also on account of me not wanting to map out EVERY SINGLE macro combination).

A map editor will also be available for use in ZNDev once the project is finished so that you can make maps that save in ZML (ZNDev markup language) format (rather than DMM format).

ZNDev is shorthand for the ZYNKCO Development Library for BYOND.

I will be making a game with this as well, just to let everyone know that I am not making this just for shits and giggles.

I have decided that the game I am making with this is Magus Aora III: Runorus' Story. I will post screenshots of this once I start getting my data together.

So expect more.

I hope...

ZYNKCO is at: