"Living a mundane life is never actually living."-Dunno. I just know it from somewhere.

I just got home from Gettysburg and it was an amazing little trip. Just between the energy of the place, the monuments and the sights. The town is nice too. It was familiar since it's an old town and it's a lot like where I live in Hagerstown. I'm pretty beat and probably going to go play some more of Heavy Rain.


On top of part of the Devil's Den. ;D

Forgot the name of this place, to be honest.

Forgot the name of this place, too. XD

Anyway, it was a great trip and you should definitely visit if you ever get the chance.

That looks like an awesome experience. I wanna go trippin'!
When I went there earlier this year, I was on the hill across from where you were on the Devil's Den, by that castle. It had recently rained, and the Devil's Den was closed off.
Yeah, I was at the castle thing, too.
I have a lot of pictures from the top of it. Might put them up here later.
ffffff. you live in hagerstown too?
Yeah. You live there?
Damn. I never would have thought I lived close to another BYONDer. xDD
I just got off work at the FedEx Ground hub near the valley mall. It should sound familiar if you live there. =P
I know the mall, but I'm not familiar with the FedEx Ground Hub, though. /:
I usually don't stray far from home or the ball park, so.. XD
It's on the halfway blvd going down near pilots and AC&T. Keep going down the road, then make a right. There you go.
Oh, true. o:
Small world we live in, eh?
Yeah. xD