Time for another Weekly Update.

[Editor's Note: Pictures in this update are Pre-Alpha shots of a Prototype. Nothing is Final, and nothing here represents the final product. Anything and everything will likely change]

The World Ends With You is a game played on two screens. That is how it was in the DS title, and i've made sure this theme is clearly displayed when you first enter the Character Selection screen.

I'll talk more about character selection another week, for now let's select Neku.

As stated in the previous update, each character has multiple costumes and unlockable ones in addition.

We'll stick with tradition and use his original costume.

The topic today is Navigation, so we'll be looking only at the bottom screen for this week's update.

Players familiar with The World Ends With You will likely feel at home when they first enter the game. I'm keeping the integrity of the original title in design, while still trying something new. Fans familiar with my fangames will note that I do my best to remain faithful to the source material while still putting my own spin on the game. You'll see some of that next week (No promises).

So, we have a lot of objects on the HUD. What do they all mean? The features of each indicator are still being toyed around with, but every little icon you see on the HUD has a purpose.

Message Indicator: Will tell the Player the day's mission as assigned by the GM. Also used as a way for the Reapers to contact players of the game.

Phone Data: The phone and all associated data will be covered later, but these icons basically give the player information about themselves, their partner, and the world around them.

Player Pin: An integral piece that allows the Player to open his senses and read other people's minds, and chase the Noise dwindling in the world about him. (Note: the Player Pin does not let you read the minds of other players or reapers, it's functionality is pretty much the same as the DS Title)

So now that we're familiar with the HUD, how do we go about navigating the Overworld?

There are three ways, you can use either a mouse, or a keyboard.

With the mouse, simply click or drag any spot on the map and your character will move towards that point.

In addition, there is keyboard control where you can move simply with the arrow keys. I fully realize that some people are playing Byond Games on laptops with no access to a mouse, so I am prepared to announce that the entire game will support both Mouse and Keyboard control, so even people with only a keyboard are able to play.

And that covers the basics of Navigation.
In the very near future I'll be briefly reviewing the pact and battle system.

Characters (Friends of the Game)

Rhyme: "Rhyme's earnest and hard-working attitude proves a big help to Neku and Shiki early on, as well as to her partner, Beat. She has an addiction to adages and no shortage of smiles, and without her, the others would be lost."

Hanekoma: "Sanae Hanekoma (also known as Mr. H) is the self-described "hip café barista" of WildKat and is also the successful, multi-talented artist CAT. He is a valuable ally to Neku and his friends, acting like a guardian of the players, and always making sure that the game is fair and everyone follows the rules"

Nao (Left), Sota (Right): Sota Honjo and Nao (Nao-Nao "for short") are both players in the game and a romantic couple. Sota and Nao have personalities that reflect their looks. Sota is a punk with a hero complex, and Nao is the stereotypical perky ganguro girl. Nao is outgoing, but hides behind Sota when she finds fit. Both show that they are tender-hearted and assist Neku with opening himself to others.

See you next week.
Change the name of the game before copyright sets in.
Hollow_Hitsu wrote:
Change the name of the game before copyright sets in.

That already happened with the graphics I believe.
Looking great! I'm not sure how the English translation handles it, but it might be notable to point out that "Rhyme" and "Beat" are nicknames and that "Raimu" and "Biito" are their actual names. From videos I've seen, I recall in-game this is pointed out by spelling "Biito" and "Raimu" in kanji when referring to their actual names, and in katakana when referring to nicknames.