With map generation out of the way I went about adding more content into the game and refining things.

I also appreciate all the feedback I'm getting.

"Friendly" Guide System:
A lot of the "feedback" was that people had a hard time figuring out how to do things down to the basic controls. I had a "guide" in game but it was crude and filled to the brim with information and I doubt anyone took the time to read the whole thing.

So I broke up the information into pages detailing basic things, I'll add more pages later on. The reason this guide is "friendly" is because when you log on it makes sure you can see it by blinking and will keep blinking until either 30 seconds have passed (1 minute for new users) or you click it. Just like that annoying friend who wants to tell you something he and only he finds interesting.

Bellow are all the current pages, if you think there
should be something else listed leave a comment or contact me.

Some people also found drag and dropping things on to the HUD was tedious at times, so I re-added the "older" style I had by using clicks, instead this time the cursor notes which action the left or right mouse button does!

On a darker note a feature I've wanted to add is now half way in-game. When something dies it no longer pops out meat but instead is a corpse and in all dungeon-crawling-like glory you can eat or pick-up the corpse. They're heavy though which is why later I'm going to be working in a Loot-n-Hack system which will allow you to do all sorts of things in the name of survival.

On a slightly less darker note a lot of people know you can vomit in game by eating "bad" food. Not a lot of people know however that before I even worked in the map generator you could drink the vomit. (Out of desperation of course) Well now you can, of course and again, out of desperation drink blood that splatters out during fights. (Before it would just sit on the floor) I also added more depth to my container system which allows you to drag containers to liquids and it adds a nice overlay.

You can now enjoy the blood of your enemies!

Louder? Yes, Stranded now has more sounds in it. Ambience, Environmental Sounds, and gnashing of teeth while eating. While not as impressive, or sometimes noticeable, I think sounds add a lot of depth.

The game will shortly be downloadable again. Enjoy!

Upcoming things: Hack-N-Loot System, Mixing/Meals with containers, Better AI, and Re-Do of Smithing/Building and their respective interfaces.

-Raise the roof-
Only a matter of time before you add a urine purifier right?
The only thing keeping me from adding urine/feces (which would soil water/food, make fertilizer, etc) is what happened to COW-RP's feces system which resulted in poop being ignored and everywhere.
Do you need a lighting system? :)
You sir are either psychic or spying on me. I use Shadowdarke's at this time but I've run into a few issues with it in the past; I was planning to look into a new lighting system again.

Why do you ask? :o
D4RK3 54B3R was the one who made the awesome, but may I say very expensive(however worth it, most likely) resource demonstrating Dynamic Lighting. You can find it on PopLava's Resource Center.
Wow, I'd snort that lighting engine if I could. It even has a sound system which would save me time.

Edit: I've been wondering what to spend the $5 Silk gave me for that ClamJaw icon. :)

Edit: Damn it... $5 isn't enough.

I'll give you the lighting system for free. Get in touch with me on AIM.

My SN is D4RK3 54B3R
I only use wlm.

Edit: No offence to Poplava, I'm impressed by his resource-center, but I would of never knew about half the interesting stuff on there.
Game looks quite impressive! Can't wait to try it out :D
Please host, I wanna play