So guys, I've been learning the Dream Maker language for over a year now. I'm still an intermediate myself.

But next school year, I'm going to follow new studies. It's called IT Management. I get 11 hours of IT there, and I hope this will boost my programming skills and probably learning Javascript there. I hope this will learn me to understand the DM language even better.

I'm highly interested in programming, wanted to change studies like, two years ago, but there was none for that year then. I'm really excited and looking forward to it.

I hope this will bring me higher in skills, letting me understand the DM language and other programming languages even faster. After all, hoping that I can produce a game myself and bring it out here.
IT's doesnt learn you a thing else then how to manage OS, serverManagements and shit like that.

University is where you learn "REAL" programming, so you better start looking XD
| barely
I hope this will ^ bring me higher in skills
No, I just went to that school, and I will be learning an object oriented language there, aswell as servermanagement and managing OS's there, like you mentioned before, Tafe.
Not sure how IT management will help but hey, so many computer based programs i'm confused too. gonna do computer science myself.. Good luck. Return crazy with knowledge.