Well, schools over, work can get done faster now since found an amazing Pixel Artist, named Chill.

Naruto: Fallen Legacy*: Currently, the team is working on re-iconning most turfs, jutsus, hairs and icons(So it can match our new base). Added a new, Academy Student system, where you have to do various quest in the 'Training Room', once you've earned certain amount of points, level, charkra, and power, you talk to one of the High-Ranked Level Ninja's to get your rank up and pass Academy !

NFL: Clans: The current clans added for the game are:


Special Ability/Skills: Sharingan(Kekkei Genkai), Mangekyo Sharingan, Crows, FireBall


In N:FL - Uchiha clan are known for their amazing ability to Copy certain jutsus with their Well known Kekkei Genkai Sharingan . The Uchiha's are masters at Illusions, Taijutsus, and many, many other things . If your a very good close to long range distance fighting then the Uchiha is great for you :)


Special Ability/Skills: Mind Body Switch Technique, Mind Disturbance Technique, Telepathy,


The Yamanaka is known for their ability to switch their body, and kill the enemy just buy going into them. This clan is a very skilled long distance fighter. Don't go too far with the Body Switch though, what ever happens to the other person might come and hurt you after you switch back >:)


Special Ability/Skills: Byukugan(Kekkei Genkai), Trigrams, Rotation, 128 Palms


The Hyuga clan are well known for their ability to disturb your Charkra points witch disallow's you to use certain amount of charkra for a various time . This clan is possibly the most interesting clan by far in N:FL .


Special Ability/Skills: Dynamic Marking ^_^, Fang Rotating Fang


The Inuzuka's are known for their ability to fight along with Dogs. They use their dogs to find things, help people, and team up on an enemy . In N:FL, The more wins(kills) you earn with your dog, the more it grows. In Character creation you'll start with a Puppy(BYOND Members start with a Teenage Dog), and it grows and grows, and once it reaches its maximum level. It becomes an Adult Dog, the benefits of the Adult Dog is, it learns certain amount skills, attack grows, speed gains and more .


Special Ability/Skills: Shadow Possession jutsu, Shadow Imitation Technique


Nara's are good with controlling other people with their shadows(Odd, isn't it ?), with these shadows they can do anything they want with you. Most Nara's fool around then kill, so watch out N:FL players !

Taijutsu Specialist

Special Ability/Skills: Lotus, Drunken Fist(Yep, Added :D) , 1-5Th Gate, Leaf Great Whirlwind(In Progress)


My favourite non-clan in N:FL history(so far), this clan is THE fastest clan in N:FL. With their great speed they hit up to +88 combo's(Average: 32), if you know how to use them well.. You'll be the strongest, fastest player in N:FL history. If your a quick person then this clan is highly recommended for you .

There is much more clans but you will have to find out :).

BYOND Member Benefits:
Growth Spurt Boosted+2,
Strength +3,
Defence +3,
Reflex+3(Depends on Clan),

Well, that's enough Spoilers for N:FL ! Hope you fan/fav and wait for the game to come at the waiting list!


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PS. - When you do the medals on HUB. How do you make your icons like a 32x32 icon style ? Ex: Naruto Next Generation medals. How can I make mines so small like that ?
make the icon and have a transparent background.
Wooo, it worked. Thanks :)