Well, I'm going to be starting to work more on the programming again for this game. Been busy with a few real life issues (Losing money and trying to work for it back (Which failed) was a biggie, so I've just cut my losses).

Anyways some small closed testing for the quincy race will be done sometime soon, I'll be posting regularly to inform everyone on how things are going. I may do one post a day or every 2 days maybe just explain what's been done each day (Will be posted before I go to sleep each time I post most likely, not like it's of any importance when I make the post.

Anyways, that's all I have to say really. I need to speak with Teka sometime soon so I can be updated on what's happening (art wise), so when you read this Teka just know I'm wanting to speak to you to discuss what's happening.

Thanks for reading guys & girls!

- Liam

P.S. New website is almost completed as well, just need to tweak the admin control panel some more and it'll be live. You may view the current website here.
Hey liam, I'm here and i'm around, unlike you:(.

Earth has been mapped 100%

Hueco mundo has been 80% mapped (Just need to icon and create Aizens palace).

Jonaz is currently working on soul society (i think).

Zane is near off finishing 6 hado's and 6 bakudo's for shini techniques. which will probably be all the work he does.

Mecha Cloud seems absent, but i have emailed him in reference to tweaking the base, and creating a bow state, i have also asked him to create both a sword and a bow. ( i have no reply's so i do not know if he's seen or working on this yet.)