If you are reading this, then you already know that FFO and all other FF games on "the list" will be unlisted from the BYOND Hub. However, most people who have kept up with FFO at all over the past 2.5 years know that I planned to take the game down anyway.

In January of 2009, I decided that I no longer wanted to be constrained by the "FF" universe and that so little about FFO had anything to do with FF that it was time to convert it into something original. The development version of FFO was renamed "Terulia", and both "FFO" and "Terulia" were developed in parallel: with FFO receiving minor updates when they could be easily imported from Terulia and Terulia being rewritten from the ground up in phases. All of the ripped icons were replaced by a few very talented icon artists. (...with the exception of the area spell animations, which will be replaced soon enough...)

Despite being superior to FFO in every way, Terulia at present is not ready for release. Playable content is comparable to FFO's "newbie quest" up through Sludge. There are a few core game aspects that need to be hashed out and tested before I can get to work on quests and game content, and real life is keeping me very busy as of late.

I guess that's all I'll say about Terulia for now. I may be one of the few people who remember that old warning about announcing your games before they are ready... I wasn't planning to post about it at all, except that I want to say: Relax; FFO's unlisting isn't a problem... and if you want to play FFO in the interim, you can play on what is now the "underground" server, which is in the same place it's always been.
Finally, some news on Terulia! I've been waiting a long time for it, since I love Final Fantasy Online so much. Best of luck to you, Gaku!

I'm sure this might very well be some great incentive for you to finish it! >:D

Announcement: . . . and so the world comes to an end . . .

Means so much more then it did in my past years of playing FFO.

I'm excited for Terulia though, I can't wait until we can play it.

Get in contact with me sometime, I'm not done working on Terulia if you need me, but life is trucking along and I have my own projects to work on.
Where is that? Can you page me a link? I haven't played it in a while and apparently I forgot to bookmark it.