Resource Center V4.0


Total Unique Users: 1924
Total New Users Since Last Update: 58
Total User Visits Since Last Update: 237

Total Bonuses Given: 77675
Total Bonuses Given Since Last Update: 1250

Total Asset Submissions: 176
Total Approved Asset Submissions: 101
Total Asset Submissions Since Last Update: 1

Total User Earnings: $335
Total User Earnings Since Last Update: $76

Total Withdraw Amount: $119
Total Withdraw Amount Since Last Update: $0

Total User Silver: 242855

Sergeant Major: 1 Member - (Active Payout Earnings: 9719)
Private First Class: 1 Member - (Active Payout Earnings: 519)
Private: 180 Members - (Active Payout Earnings: 4718)
Recruit: 1287 Members - (Active Payout Earnings: 2895)

Total Contributors: 61

Congratulations to Enic who is the Resource Centers first outside contributor to have officially earned a promotion. He went from "Private" to "Private First Class". He will now be earning everything the Privates were splitting between them. Privates will now split everything the Recruits were, and well, the Recruits get whatever is left and typically, it's lotto'd off because there isn't enough to evenly distribute. Fun stuff and I look forward to the outcome. Hopefully it will inspire some more movement in that space.

Teka123 visited the Resource Center and in his typical grandeur fashion, he unloaded a ton of cash on the Resource Center contributors and on top of all that, he donated 25$ to the Resource Center. I'm working out what to do with the donation. I have some ideas but I'll keep them to myself until a decision is made.

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Poplava Challenge V1.5

There are about 44 days remaining!

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What would BYOND be without Teka?
ahh it'd still probably be fine lol.