Sorry for a late patch, I wasn't hosting for a short time and didn't log the one I did do so I couldn't find out the source of the server crash.

I've now found it and released this patch. It doesn't include anything new, just a couple of fixes and some slight graphic changes.

* Fix: Land cap bug fixed, permanently, for real this time.
* Fix: Fixed a bug with non-era research costs.
* Fix: Fixed a bug which could lead to you gaining money from spying as opposed to costing you money.
* Change: Some more icon changes all round.
* Change: Players online now lists # of players.
* Change: Players online will now only hide prior to nation creation on non-standard games.
* Change: Cost of spying is now 1,000 per land spying on, rather than just 200. The turn number is also added as an additional cost.


* Change: Subs chat changed to white, as this works pretty well in all the colour themes.