Hello, Vanity here, as we all know, there are many rumors that the source codes to REO1 were deleted and lost. However, some people say others have it. I was wondering, if at all possible, if I could get the source to this wonderful classic. Now I know what you are thinking,"oh, she's gonna make a rip of REO1, what a loser", no, I assure you I only want the codes to continue on the legacy Dark Emerald imprinted on all RE fans with Resident Evil Online, by creating new maps, fixing some pesky bugs, possibly adding on to the game, such as characters or enemies, if not simply adding new maps, of course giving credit where it is due. I know I am asking for a lot, but I believe this game should continue on, and not fall to the aging past. And I am willing to take on this task so that Dark Emerald can continue creating new legacies. Thank you for your time.
There is someone with the game still but he has some trouble getting it to host correctly. His name is Zav Deland on byond and he has the game named REO. That's all I know bro. Good luck.
Isn't The Last Conflict the same thing?