by Acebloke
The next chapter
I've updated both Wargames 2 and its Map and Scenario editor.

Even though this is 'beta E' taking over from the previous version pre-E, its more of a middle sized update than a larger one. The main reason for that is a lot of time was spent making Scenarios playable to the point of it being useful, and introducing a new 'village' system.

I will leave the Scenario stuff other than the update list for another day where I'll showcase some example maps and scenarios you can use, regardless of whether you are a subscriber or not.

Map creation has a new feature too, water edge which does what you'd expect; makes sure you have a water line across the edge of the map. This is the ground work for a new wrap-round system I intend to implement at a later stage.

Most importantly this time round is the Settler ability to build 'villages'. This is a way of expanding your borders without going to the trouble of a full blown town, giving you resources and a pretty line to fix up your diamond shape borders which you've probably been wondering if that was ever going to change. This feature means you can tidy your country up to look more sensible as well as getting those terrain resources.

There are only 2 new units this time, basically fulfilling requests. One is an Iron age Elite unit (Elite units being one per town specials) and a better ship which can go a bit further into sea. You will have to wait a little longer for free-flowing sea going ships, as I don't intend to include them for another 2 eras. While on the topic of units, their costs are now displayed for ease of use. Attack ships which have always cost 1000 food to produce now have a 1000 food bank, as opposed to just 100 as before.

Of the 3 new research, 2 allows the building of the units above, the final one opening the 'Republic' government type. In future E. betas Government types will start having a bit of influence.

That's it for this version, but you might not have to wait long for a new update, we'll see.

Beta E:

New Features:

* Load Scenario now allows for AI settings of defined countries.
* Tundra and Blackout tiles, from custom maps now in.
* You can now set the map to have a water edge. This is useful for say, making a continent map but still having a body of water around it for sea travel.
* Republican Government now available as a Romanic Age Research.
* Settlers can now build 'villages' from Copper age onwards, which are minor settlements for resource collection rather than building. It can be captured like a town, but not build.
* You can now play scenarios, it gives you the option of setting a new nation or selecting a pre-existing one.

New Units:

* Captain: Elite unit for Iron Age.
* Bireme: An Attack Ship for the Romanic Age, can go further into sea than previous ships.

New Research:

* Captain: Elite unit for Iron age.
* Multiple Decks: Opens up new ship units, essentially Biremes and its decendants.
* Republic: Romanic Age research, allows new Government type.

Other Changes:

* Some of the default map features have been slightly changed.
* Support ships now hold 1000 food, as opposed to 100 so it survives without resupply so often.
* Hosts now have the ability to ban, unban and boot as in Wargames 1.
* Some of the elite unit research required permanent settlement, but I've removed this. I may add in some other qualifications later, which might need Permanent Settlement.
* Unit costs are now displayed when selecting.

Bug Fixes:

* The research panel would open on the wrong users screen if you weren't the host, fixed.
* Roads can no longer be placed on river crossings.

The Map and Scenario updates, which I'll use a new blog post another day to explain are:

Version 0.3 (never released):

* All icons have been modified to include a border, which helps with editing.
* "Dot" (standard till now) and "3x3" and "5x5" command allow for shapes to be made to avoid clicking so much when you want to fill in gaps.
* Users x and y position is now displayed for easier use.
* Loading maps bigger than your current map size in the editor would cause it to incorrectly load, fixed.
* Reducing the map size may have led to old icons from above that limit still being randomly displayed, fixed.
* Reducing the map size when you are further than that limit will jump you to safety.
* Changed "Custom Games" to "Maps" and "Scenarios" respectively when saving.
* Basic Scenarios (currently only W2 starting features-minus backlag and gameavailability) can now be saved and loaded.
* Tile names now include co-ordinates.
* Using Crispy's Mapper library, I have made a Map2Popup option in four flavours: Full Sized, Half Sized, Quarter and Eigth (32,16,8 and 4 pixel a square).

Version 0.4 Updates:

* Editing Player details will now display the current value rather than the game's default values.
* Dark age is now available, as per its inclusion in Beta D.d of the main game.
* When clicking Start Spots, it gives you the option of choosing what level of distance to put. 2 is the default, but I'd recommend 3.
- Currently has no actual effect in main game, something I need to alter and have saved, appologies.
* Start spots now take into account already existing Scenario players, making it possible to find places to squeeze new players in.
* Loading Scenarios will put the start squares with the name defined, as happens when making them for the first time.
* Town squares are now represented by their nations age level.
* Tundra squares (1 metal only) are now available.
* Blackout: A square used to block out maps in order to make non-rectangular squares, useful for 'uncharted' or unneccessary terrain.
* Load Map/Scenario now has a cancel.
* King of the Hill spot can now be defined.
* Can now set an AI level which can be loaded in game.
* Seperated the terrain buttons into a seperate window, which will remain hidden for non-subscribers.
* You can now get random map support, similar to the main game. This is intended to be available for non-subscribers too.
* Non-subscribers can now save maps, based on the idea that they can only randomise the map anyway as per the main game.